Rochester Conservatory of Dance LLC

Ages 5-8

Mini’s Programs| Ages 5-8 

Foundational Program:


Our Foundational Dancers will meet for a weekly dance class that focuses on the next level of dance technique. Our Foundational classes combine technique and choreography. Ages & Grades may vary.

·       Stepping stone to establish a strong start to your child’s dance training. 

·       Ballet | 30 min/week- children will focus on the fundamentals of Ballet dance. Ballet is required for students wishing to enroll in Tap/Jazz combo. 

·       Tap/Jazz| 45 min/week – children will develop an outstanding sense of rhythm and musicality through tap & explore high-energy movement rooted in foundational Jazz Technique. Ballet is required for students wishing to enroll in Tap/Jazz combo.

·       Foundational Dancers will perform 1 dance per style in our Annual Performance. No more than 1 costume fee will need to be paid for this program, unless enrolled in additional classes. (See Tuition & Fees Page)

Current Classes:

Minis Ballet- Thursdays 6:00-6:30

Minis Tap & Jazz- Thursdays 6:30-7:15

Tiny’s/Mini’s Ballet- Saturdays 9:30-10:00


Power Program:


The Power Program classes combine technique and choreography into one class. Classes range from 30 min- 1 hour/ week. 

·       Tap| 45 min/week 

·       Hip Hop| 30 min/week

·       Acrobatics  |30min/week (Beginner) 1 hour/week (Intermediate/Advanced)

All Power Program classes will perform 1 dance in the Annual Performance and require 1 costume per class. 

Current Classes:

Beginner Acro- Monday 6:00-6:30

Company Program

Company is the highest level of training at RCD. Company students attend competitions, local performances, and conventions. This program is available through RCD faculty invitation for students who are technically qualified, and dedicated to pursuing a rigorous course of study.

·       Technique Classes: These classes focus on technique. Dancers do not learn performance dances during Technique Only Classes.

§   Ballet Technique| 45 min /week – Classical Ballet Technique

§  Skills & Conditioning Technique| 30 min/ week- Stretch, Strength, Jumps, Turns, Leaps

·       Choreography Classes: These classes focus on teaching choreography to be performed in our Annual Performance & competition. 

§  Contemporary/Lyrical Choreography| 30 min/ week 

§  Jazz Choreography| 30 Min/week

§  Production Choreography| 30 min/week

§  Tap Technique & Choreography| 45 min/ week 

Current Classes:

Mini Company Ballet: Wednesday 5:30-6:15

Mini Lyrical Chorography: Wednesday 6:15-6:45

Mini Company Jazz Choreography: Wednesday 6:45-7:15

Mini Company Tap: Saturday 10:30-11:15

Mini Company Skills & Conditioning: Saturday 11:15-11:45

Mini Company Production: Saturday 11:45-12:15

Open PBT- Thursday 7:30-8:30


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