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 /An-o-dy-nia/ N. The absence of pain. 

February, 16th @ 5:00pm | February, 17th @ 4:00pm 
Rochester Conservatory of Dance - Theater
1461 Buffalo Road Rochester, NY 14624

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Teaching More Than Dance…

Boys & Girls| All Ages| All Levels

Team Work
We teach our dancers to love and respect their fellow dancers. We teach them to encourage others when they are down, celebrate with them with them when they do well, and understand that each dancer is equally important to the group!

From the very beginning our dancers are taught to take responsibility for their behavior, personal belongings, and information taught in class. We entrust our dancers with age appropriate responsibilities that will help them grow as a person in and out of the dance studio.

As your dancer learns and grows in the art of dance, their confidence will too!  Through constructive criticism, praise, and encouragement from staff & fellow dancers, your child will develop confidence on the dance floor & in life!

The art of dance has been around for 100’s of years. Our dancers learn respect for the art, their instructors, fellow dancers, and themselves.

Dedication & Commitment
Our dancers learn that dedication and commitment is the fastest route to achieving their goals. This lesson will follow them through out life.

Dance is not always easy. At times your dancer may feel like giving up. At RCD we teach our dancers that it is just as much about the journey, as it is the end result. When things get hard, we encourage them to push through, work hard, and help them to achieve their goals. 

Positive Attitude
It is our belief, that when we have a positive attitude towards ourselves, and our craft, achieving our goals becomes so much easier. We encourage all of our dancers to find the JOY in dance! 

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Rochester Conservatory of Dance
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