Rochester Conservatory of Dance LLC

Modern Ensemble (5+)

Modern Ensemble Ages 5+

Modern Ensemble will be an invitation only program for dancers who show technical ability, emotional maturity, and an eagerness to pursue more! Modern Ensemble will be run like a Professional Dance Company, where dancer will have the opportunity to be cast in pieces, learn concert style chorography, and perform in a professional, ticketed, dance concert each winter. 

·       Modern Ensemble students must be enrolled in at least one Foundational, Power, Intensive, or Adult Class at RCD. Modern Ensemble is included in the weekly requirements for Teen/Senior Company Members.

·       Dancers will meet for 30min (Mini/Junior)-1 hours (Teen/Senior/Adult)/ week to learn & rehearse chorography. 

·       Modern Ensemble dancers will be cast in pieces based on their age, ability, and technical skill.

·       There will be a $25 costume rental fee in lieu of purchasing costumes. 

Current Schedule:

Tuesday 6:00-6:30 (ages 5-8) 
Tuesday 6:00-7:00 Ages 9+

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