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Rochester Conservatory of Dance Birthday Parties

Make your next birthday party memorable by having it at the Rochester Conservatory of Dance!
How to reserve your party!
1. Click here!
2. Create an Account
3. Click on our "Online Store" 
4. Book your party & choose your theme!! 

Your party will include 2 hours of studio rental.  The first hour will include dance instruction, and/or games and activities for up to ten guests. The second hour includes time for singing happy birthday, serving cake/food and opening presents. A plan for all ages!  Parent or guardians provide the paper products, cake, refreshments, and any food or gift bags (if desired), and then simply head home with the memories, and leave the clean-up to us!

Party fee: 150.00 (½ due at time of reservation)

Fee Includes:
2 hours of studio rental
1 hour of dance instruction, games/activities for the guest of honor and up to 10 guests.
Table, chairs, table cloth 
Studio clean up.

Parents provide:
Paper products and utensils (if desired)
Decorations (if desired) 
Cake, refreshments, food (if desired)
Gift bags (if desired)

Ballet Beautiful
Ninja Warrior
Choose you're own!


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