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Studio Policies & Information


  • Summer Registration must be completed by June 15th. Fall Registration must be completed by August 15th 2017.
  • There is a Fall Registration fee of $25/student that includes a dress code leotard & pair of dance tights. Be sure to record your leotard size in the “additional info” section of the online registration form! J Summer Registration fee of  $10/student.
  • Registration must be completed via our Parent Portal:
  • Drop/Add Policy: Dancers are able to drop or add classes on their schedule until December 1st. Written notice is due 2 weeks prior to the chage taking place. Tuition will still be charged & owed until written notice is received.

Payments & Tuition:

  • Tuition is divided up into even monthly payments based on a 9-month season.  All breaks & non-class dates are included in tuition price. The amount paid each month doe not directly correlate to the number of classes each month. Tuition is not pro-rated for student absences.
  • Payment Plan discounts are available. See Tuition & Fees Page.
  • Each student will be required to have a credit card on file (enroll in auto pay) to register. If you wish to pay by check or cash, please submit payment before the 10th of each month, or your card will automatically be charged for the amount due.  Miss Alana processes all auto pay payments manually on the 11th of each month.
    • ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS (costume fees, performance fee)| Auto Pay is run the day after the payment due date. To pay by check or cash please do so on or before the due date.
    • SUMMER PROGRAMS | Auto pay is run on the 3rd day of camp. To pay by check or cash, please do so on the 1st day of camp.
    • Any student with an outstanding balance of 30 days or more will not be permitted to attend class until the balance has been paid in full.
    • All costume fees are non refundable & must be paid in full on or before the due date in order for a costume to be ordered for your child.


  • Parent Portal:
  • Email: All customers must have an email on file in the parent portal. We send all out important information, and billing via email.
  • Facebook: All important information is also posted to our private FB Group. Join us at: Rochester Conservatory of Dance – Students & Parents Info
  • Studio Mailbox: Check your mailbox at the studio each week to stay up to date on important information & billing.
  • Texts: We often send reminder texts through the portal. If you would like to receive these texts, be sure to put your cell phone number on your online form at registration.
  • Please be respectful of our staff’s personal time. All studio related matters should be communicated via STUIO email, or phone. Personal Facebook messages, texts, etc will not be answered. Please do not contact our staff on Social Media or ask for their personal phone numbers.

Attendance, Weather Cancelations, and Calendar:

  • Attendance is extremely important in creating a positive learning environment for your child. When a child is chronically absent, it not only impacts their ability to learn new skills and choreography, but it also impacts their classmates when it comes to choreography, and time spent catching up.
  • All absences must be reported to Miss Alana via EMAIL at
  • Please see Studio Calendar & Events for a full list of holiday breaks, class dates, and tentative dates for additional RCD activities (parades, Annual performance, picture day, etc).
  • Students missing more than 6 classes  (Sept-May) will not be permitted to participate in the annual performance.
  • WEATHER CANCELATIONS: All closings are at the discretion of the studio. We follow the Churchville-Chili School District for weather related closings. If they close for full day, half day, or after school activities, the studio will also be closed. We alert parents of closings via email, text, and Facebook page by 3pm.

Class Size & Age:

  • We believe in small class sizes to offer each student the individual attention he/she deserves.
  • Classes must have a minimum of 4 students enrolled to remain on the schedule. Classes with more than 15 students will be split into multiple classes.
  • Class Ages are a guideline for registration. Students will be placed at the level of class they have technically accomplished at teachers discretion to ensure the best & safest dance education for your child.

Studio Expectations:

  • Parking: We have several parking spots available in the parking lot in front of the studio. Please refrain from parking in the spots reserved for “Dancewear Express.”
  • NO Smoking: Our studio is located on a NON-Smoking Property. We kindly ask that parents/guardians refrain from smoking while on studio property (including sidewalk & parking lot.)
  • Waiting Area: Please be respectful of our waiting room.  All belongings should be taking with you when you leave, and all garbage should be disposed of in the trashcan.
  • Restroom: Our studio is equipped with a single person restroom that is located in our smaller dance room. If parents or siblings need to use the restroom, we ask that you do so before or after class. We also ask that your dancer use the restroom before class to avoid potty train disruption or accidents during class.
  • Studios: No parent should enter the dance room at any time during class, unless in the event of an emergency. We attempt to keep the distractions to a minimum to help your dancer focus on the fun of learning!
  • No Unattended Children: All children (dancers, siblings, and friends) should be accompanied by an adult at all times when not taking class. RCD is not responsible for any child outside of their enrolled class time.  Dancers should not arrive at the studio any more than 15 min prior to the start of their class, unless permitted by Miss Alana.
  • Tuition/Payments: All tuition and payments made via check or cash at the studio should be putting an RCD Payment Envelope & deposited into the RCD Payments box found on the info table in the waiting room. Please do not hand payments to our staff to avoid them getting lost or misplaced.

Class Expectations:

  • Arrive Early: Dancers should arrive a few min prior (no more than 15 min) to the start time of their class to settle in, change their shoes, etc.  As soon as the dance room is available, our Teen & Senior Dancers are welcome to enter the studio to begin warming up.  For safety, Juniors, Minis, and Tinys may not enter the dance room unattended or uninvited.
  • Water Only! To keep our studios clean & your dancers healthy & hydrated, we ask that your dancer bring WATER only into the dance studio. 
  • Be Prepared:  From dress code to shoes, be sure you are attending class prepared! 
  • Label Items: Please write your name in your shoes, uniform leotard, dance jacket, etc. This will help our Staff to identify any missing items & return them to you! 
  • Separation Anxiety: We do our best to ease each dancer into class. We know that each child is different, and some take a little longer to warm up! To ease separation anxiety, talk with your dancer in advance about going to dance class.
  • Behavior: Be respectful, kind, and encouraging to your instructors, classmates, and parents!
  • HAVE FUN! 

Annual Performance & Picture Day:

  • Each May, all dancers perform in our Annual Performance to celebrate their hard work!
  • Each April, all dancers are photographed in their Annual Performance Costumes!

Rochester Conservatory of Dance
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